Our company

Our company

„Our goal is to provide relialbe quality and service to meet every requierments.”

The company was established with the above mentioned objective in May 1995 at the location of Berzsenyi Dániel Street 21. in Sárvár. The company was founded by owner Tibor Csonka, who gained technical and managerial experience at the Rába Futómű Kft. as Tool Supply Department Leader.

Starting from 60 m2 at that time, the company has grown to 360 m2, reaching its final size and design in September 2000. At that time the production started with 4 people. Today we have a team of 10 highly qualified professionals to meet customer needs with constantly renewable machinery.

2006 was a decisive year in the life of the company, as this year we obtained the ISO 9001 certification, which presents the management's commitment to quality manufacturing. In 2014 as part of a non-refundable tender, a solar collector with a power of 20.64 kW/h was implemented, which reduces the company's electricity costs and it is a step to environmental awareness.

Technical developments are constantly present to this day. In addition to NC-controlled machines, nowadays CNC-controlled machines have been introduced, which enable faster and more precise manufacturing.The main profile of the company is the individual and small or medium-scale production of machined parts.

Main activities:

  • Turning Ø8-420 mm
  • CNC turning Ø8-300 mm (0,01)
  • CNC milling 3-4 axis (0,01)
  • Drilling
  • Grinding (surface, cylindrical) Ø280x1250 mm (0,005)
  • Slotting machining
  • Saw blade sharpening, tool repair, refurbishment
  • Gear manufacturing (outer, inner)
  • Blasting, sand blasting
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Other metal works
  • CO, AWI welding
  • Technical drawings


Sibaris Kft.

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Berzsenyi Dániel u. 21.
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